felisorb hemp cat litter

Customer Reviews

  • boob loves felisorb

    Yogi & Boo Boo, Aged 2

    "Yogi and Boo Boo love Felisorb as much as we do. It doesnt smell and its so easy to cleanup and maintain. Plus we dont need to change the litter as often"

    Posted By: Louise, Midland

  • cats use felisorb cat litter

    Felix, Aged 4

    "Very pleased with this litter. Mask the odour well and last twice as long and has a second use as organic compost. Would recommend to anyone."

    Posted By: Haley, Claremont

  • odour free cat litter

    Mo, Aged 9

    "Never heard of this cat litter before. Really pleased with this litter great value for money and the cats seem to like it and that’s the most important thing. Will be buying again regularly."

    Posted By: Michael, Armadale

  • hemp cat litter

    Saffy, Aged 6

    "This is value for money cat litter that can be composted or put in your green recycle bin. Actually works it holds the scent and doesn’t clump up so the cats can use it easily and happily.."

    Posted By: Jessica, Osborne Park

  • renewable cat litter

    Tilly, Aged 5

    "I usually use clumping so I did wonder what it would be like, its not dusty, it holds the scent. Am so glad I’ve tried it and easy to clean out plus its made from natural products Great value too"

    Posted By: Ben, Fremantle

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